Dev4x4, a company registered in France under number 80064905500012, whose registered office is located at 4 Rue de la Jouvencière, 49800 Trélazé, France and whose intra-Community VAT number is FR03800649055, provides Trust-certification.com, a website allowing consumers to post reviews concerning their purchases on various member sites.

These Terms of Use apply to any review submitted by a consumer on Trust-certification.com.

The Terms of Use may be modified or adapted at any time at the initiative of dev4x4. The applicable Terms of Use are those in effect on the day the review is submitted by the consumer.




Following an order placed on a website of one of our members you will receive an email containing a link to Trust-certification.com to be able to leave a review.

By clicking on this link you will be directed to Trust-certification.com where you can evaluate and leave the desired comment regarding your order.

You can leave your comment in the field provided and click on the desired number of stars to leave your rating.

Then click on Validate to submit your review.

Your rating and/or comment will then be checked before publication if it is consistent.


When you submit a review on Trust-certification.com we collect your email address. Your email address will never be visible by other users on our website. Trust-certification.com may use your email address to contact you to check the review you have left.


The information contained in your review submitted on Trust-certification.com and on the website of our member with whom you placed your order is:

- Your Name

- Your comment

- The number of stars

- The date of publication


When you submit a review on Trust-certification.com you grant us the right, for a period of five years, to use, copy, process, publish, translate, make available to third parties, market, make available to the public and reproduce this review (in whole or in part), an unlimited number of times, online and offline (for example on printed media or in catalogues), and to integrate it into other works in any form (media, technologies; already existing or that can be created); this worldwide and to grant third parties a right of use, in particular to the seller you are evaluating.

This means, for example, that Trust-certification.com may publish the comment and allow the member seller to use the review for promotional purposes (for example, in its advertising or marketing purpose).


We check each review submitted on Trust-certification.com and we reserve the right to publish it or not. To be published, your review must comply with the following rules:

- Reviews can only be submitted if you have made a purchase from the seller you wish to evaluate.

- Reviews must always be related to the order number mentioned in the evaluation form.

An item can only be evaluated when it has been delivered and tested.

- Reviews for which there is a conflict of interest situation and which are intended to manipulate, in a positive or negative way, the overall evaluation of an online shop, are not allowed. This concerns, for example, cases where an evaluation has been left only to give a positive or negative opinion aimed at harming or promoting the online shop.


Reviews will not be published if they contain comments:

- Penally reprehensible, inciting to commit an offence or causing an offence

- Illegal

- Threatening, harassing, abusive, malicious, aggressive, hurtful, blasphemous, indecent, erroneous, inaccurate, defamatory, misleading, racist, discriminatory, violent, offensive, obscene, sexist or pornographic

- Violating or infringing the rights of third parties (including all intellectual property rights, such as copyrights or trademark rights) and/or otherwise unlawful

- Technically harmful, for example containing malicious code

- Containing confidential information and/or violating or infringing the privacy of third parties, in particular if the textual content includes a credit card number, social security number, bank account number or any other information likely to lead to identity theft

- Advertise other websites, products or services (in particular, it is prohibited to provide telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or other links)

- Which could influence a legal procedure of which you are aware

- Whose attributes include concrete elements of conflict of interest

- Including a call for legal action

- Whose review manager considers it could result in civil or criminal liability


If your review does not meet the above criteria, we reserve the right to contact you and ask you to provide explanations or risk not publishing your rating and/or comment.




You can choose between 1 and 5 stars as described below:

1 star = No good

2 stars = Insufficient

3 stars = Medium

4 stars = Good

5 stars = Very good


Simply click on the number of stars to assign the desired rating.


We then display the average of all published scores against the member site.




Reviews are displayed in chronological order from the last published notice to the oldest.


Customer reviews published by Trust-certification.com are neither purchased nor collected with compensation. Reviews are neither modified nor selected. All reviews that have been validated by the control procedures are automatically published.




At any time, you have the possibility to contact us and send us any request or complaint relating to the reviews using the contact form provided.


There is an online dispute resolution platform set up by the European Commission to facilitate the independent out-of-court settlement of disputes between consumers and professionals in the European Union in accordance with Article 14 of Regulation (EU) No 524/2013. The platform is accessible by clicking on the link below





Dev4x4 cannot be held responsible for interruptions, delays or unavailability of Trust-certification.com due to maintenance work, interruptions of the Internet network, technical failures, force majeure, the actions of a third party or any other circumstances whatsoever.


Trust-certification.com contains information from third parties, dev4x4 therefore gives no guarantee as to the accuracy, precision or exhaustiveness of the information made available on Trust-certification.com.


Dev4x4 cannot be held liable under any circumstances for any occasional errors that may occur on Trust-certification.com.




Dev4x4 collects the personal data necessary for the management of the reviews submitted.

Dev4x4 is committed in ensuring the security of the personal data they store.

Full information on personal data protection can be found in the "Privacy Policy" section.




These Terms of Use are subject to French law. Any dispute that has not been resolved amicably will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the French courts. If the consumer’s habitual residence is located in a country of the European Union, he or she also benefits from the rights protecting him or her under the mandatory provisions of the law applicable in his or her country of residence.


Last update: 02.11.2018